Shroommates is a third-person platformer where players play as a sentient mushroom trying to return to his family. Jump, glide, run, and collect items around the house while completing various objectives from room to room! Make sure to avoid the humans! Will you be able to find the deed to the house and kick out the humans?

The Team

Advait Ahir

UI Programmer, Sound Effect Artist

Charisse Lo

Artist Coordinator, 2D Artist

Courtney Chavez

Lead Designer, 2D/3D Artist

Eisaku Imura

Lead Tester, Gameplay Programmer (Items), Level Designer

Ian Carlton


Jacob Darby


Jake Shapiro

AI Programmer

Jeffrey Hui

User Test Coordinator, Gameplay Programmer (Menus)

Jennifer Bermeo

Co-Producer, 2D/3D Art

Jessica Wong

3D Artist

Joann Long

2D/3D Artist

Nicholas Ho

Gameplay Programmer (Character)

Richard Harker

Gameplay Programmer (Animations, Camera)

Ryan Shee

Lead Developer, Gameplay Programmer (Dialog)

Sean Woods